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The Difference Is In The Difference

Southern women are different, both collectively and independently. This fact has been shown in movies and books for decades. A Southern Belle is portrayed with characteristics that are not displayed by any other demographic of women. We are aware of the differences and proud of the women we are. There is nothing ordinary or cookie cutter about us, to pay homage to that nothing A Belle Thing creates is exactly the same. While some of our products are made in multiples they are never exactly identical.   Our gifts and apparel are created with the intention of expressing individual identity, and turning normal everyday life into spectacular moments encouraging to escape the mundane. Our products represent Southern women in every...

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Who We Are

The real world is nothing like we thought it should be. A nine to five job (aka big girl job) is not only undesirable but it’s not practical. There is so much more to life than clocking in and working hard to create someone else’s dreams. Big girl jobs are boring. So instead of following societies norms we realize we are in charge of our own lives and can live it how ever we choose. We are girl bosses, 80’s babies and 90’s kids, and a force the world has never seen before. We are in a unique time in life; some of us are free spirits traveling the world while others, our best friends, have a family and a...

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